He Is Being Held Without Bond At The Orange County Jail

by BennieTorrens110589 posted Dec 02, 2019


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ORLANDO, 부산출장샵 Fla. -- A Florida man was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to kidnap pop singer Lana Del Rey before a concert, but 43-year-old Michael Shawn Hunt of Riverview was ordered held on stalking charges after a judge tossed the attempted kidnapping charge.

EKu63DtU4AAJFOp.jpg%5CIn a statement posted Saturday on Twitter, Orlando Police said officers arrested on Friday night outside the Amway Center where Del Rey was performing.

The statement said authorities had received a tip about Hunt making a possible kidnapping threat to the singer, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant.

Police said Hunt was carrying a ticket to the concert and a knife when he was arrested about a block away from the venue.

Hunt was held Sunday without bail on charges of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and aggravated stalking with a credible threat. A prosecutor argued that there was probable cause for the attempted kidnapping charge based on posts published on his Facebook page, reports CBS affiliate WKMG, but Hunt argued to a judge that the posts were innocent.

"Was anything said derogatory as far as bodily harm or anything to be done by her? All I heard was 'Love, love, love' and 'Queen, queen, queen,'" Hunt said to a judge of his social media posts. "Does that upset someone?"

Hunt said he didn't need a lawyer and continued to speak after a judge warned him his statements could be used against him. He said he posted online that he planned to bring his paintings to the concert.

"Did I want to see her? Yes, I admitted that to you. Do I care for her? Yes. Do I know her? No, I only know her from her songs," Hunt told the judge.

The judge said he could not find probable cause to uphold the attempted kidnapping with a weapon charge, but ordered Hunt held on aggravated stalking charges. He is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.


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